Courtesy Paul Zach

Jörg Schlick, Wir Kuratoren! (We Curators!), as part of the exhibition "Schuhe" with Heimo Zobernig, Forum Stadtpark, Graz 1996.

We Curators! One thing must be clearly stated: we curators are the most important part of the art world. We are directors and composers in one. We carry the responsibility, we have to constantly discover new artists, and if one of these guys has not embarked upon an international career within two years, then down the drain. These arrogant artists are concerned with freedom. Ridiculous! They should shut their mouths and deliver their shit very quickly, precisely, and in a politically correct way. Our art wardens determine what is right or wrong, politically correct or incorrect. We curators have the power in our hands—and that’s the way it should be. And why do we have the power? Because we create the real artwork. What used to be the paints for the painters are today the artists for us. If an artist has gone slightly stale, then down the drain. We curators cannot look after stale artists, for we are always on the go, constantly looking for material, and we are always having to create new works of art. I am already looking forward to the time when we curators can live totally without artists. We are the true successors of Duchamp; for us, artists are bottle racks. These absurd neurotics really get on our nerves. They are always too late, have special requests, and some even believe that they are geniuses—yuck. But we curators have the power, and they will feel the weight of these stale, dried out paintbrushes someday. And if these pipsqueaks dare to kiss our ass, then down the drain. Because we curators have the knowledge, the power, and the intelligence. Indeed, we are the real artists. Therefore, I am pursuing the platform: more money for curators, less for artists.


In: Jörg Schlick. Monograph and Catalogue Raisonné. Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien (Ed.), Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne