The Space within Herbert Brandl's Painting

In his lecture, Peter Pakesch, Herbert Brandl's curator and long-time gallery owner, illuminates Brandl's artistic work in the 1980s and his continued close collaboration with the artist. In particular, Peter Pakesch examines the ongoing engagement with the medium of painting, which is a constant in the work of Herbert Brandl, using a large number of the artist's works as examples.

The lecture will focus on the outstanding individual positions in which Pakesch showed Brandl, for example in the context of the epoch-making exhibition "Painting on The Move" at the Kunsthalle Basel, or the group exhibition curated by him at the National Gallery in Prague (1996), in which Brandl was shown together with Albert Oehlen and Christopher Wool. Pakesch's profound understanding of Brandl's formal and substantive artistic practice enables a discursive examination of the artist's nuanced, almost poetic style of painting.


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